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@brandila wrote:

The problem is that my husband refuses to even go to RCIA with me. He goes to Mass sometimes, but makes a point to tell me that he will NEVER convert because he doesn’t believe in our Faith. How can I get him to change his mind? Or at least give it a chance??

I wouldn’t push it. If he is going to Mass, you should be thankful for that. That’s more than what so many Catholics do. Many Catholics only go to Mass on holidays. I would simply thank him for attending Mass with you when he goes, and let him know how much you appreciate it.

Also, in the beginning of our relationship, I was obviously not living according to the Church’s teachings. This led to a vascectomy that had to be reversed in order to have our daughter. I want very much now to use NFP, but I can’t get him on board with that. He has mentioned going back to get a vascectomy again! Any advice on how to NOT go that route?? I am not sure myself if more children is an option for us, as my husband is older and has some medical issues. But IF we were to conceive again, I would see it as something beautiful and God’s will, and I would be very happy about it. But he wants me to go on birth control pills until we decide for sure about more kids. He does not believe in abortion at all, but I think if I tell him about how the pill can cause abortion, he will think I am trying to convert him or something! :roll: Any advice???

You might try telling him that NFP is not only healthier for you, but it could be very beneficial to your marriage. By using NFP you’re tracking your body and in doing so some health issues could be discovered and treated sooner (not that one would wish for one to encounter them) than if you were on ABC (Artificial Birth Control). Also, it is much more effective than any other birth control (when used correctly) can be 99%, that’s more effective than even the Pill.

Here’s a good site with answers to commonly asked questions on NFP.