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Hi, I joined this site just to reply to your comment. I too stumbled across this site looking for guidance. But, I am just having a difficult day! I hope that hearing about my experiences will help you.
I am pregnant with my seventh child. I am 29 yrs old, my husband is 27. We had our oldest child when I was 20, but my husband was only 18. We were not married, yet, and he was still in high school! As you can imagine it was a very difficult time, so I feel somewhat qualified to answer your questions.
First, the financial issue: surviving paycheck to paycheck is very frustrating, I know, but there are worse things that can happen. We did it for years. Also, try to find things you can cut back on. Things you have always thought were “necessary” might actually be luxuries. For instance, I haven’t bought paper towels in years! We also never paid the money to have cable TV, we buy used clothing, we buy used furniture etc. Our house is no showroom, but we are all very happy here. After years of pinching pennies, I finally realized possessions only tie you down anyway.
Second, every single child is a gift from God. Never, ever, ever allow yourself to feel selfish for giving another person life! The world would have us all believe that children should only be born seldom and into ideal circumstances. The truth is much more simple: children should be born!
The birth and months following my first child were very traumatic for me. But, the lessons I learned have helped me endlessly! If I hadn’t gone through that major growing pain, I would never be where I am today. Be proud of your gift! Ask the Blessed Mother for guidance frequently. And give your financial situation over to St. Joseph, he works miracles!