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Hi, Mollyanna – I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. Thank God for your dear daughter! It’s very easy to feel that you are doing every for your child and to dwell on it, but this will really make you very miserable and won’t be productive. Speaking from experience, having old wounds will make you feel physically bad all the time, not to mention spiritually and mentally. I would be willing to bet that you are suffering from some sort of migraine/headache, stomach upset/IBS, sleeping, or other issues. I recently read an amazing book call The Law of Forgiveness. The idea of the book is to forgive yourself and others for things you are holding on to that are dragging you down. Note that I didn’t say forget! The book makes a point of saying that you don’t condone or necessarily forget what someone has done to you. You instead ‘release’ the hold it has over you. Not trivializing your problems at all, but there is a lot of truth to this, and I would encourage you to try it! Other than this book, I would encourage you to pray and meditate on whether you feel this relationship can be saved. I know it’s hard to hear God sometimes, so keep at it – in the shower, in the car, whenever you can. I use the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet to meditate on tough issues – they can quiet your mind enough to hear what God is saying. If you believe it can be saved, then talk to your husband about counseling. Get your priest or other counselor involved so that you can start to resolve some of these issues that are poisoning you! Sorry for the rambling, but I hate to hear that you are in so much pain. God bless you and your family!