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I have had a very similar trial with my marriage. We went to marriage counseling, and I felt hopeless with three kids. One book changes my marriage. My Husband and everything. It is called ” A Catholic guide to a life long marriage: For better forever” by Gregory Popcak. He also has a website called The book gives you practical advice for incorporating your faith into your marriage. Before we get married we are taught that married life is a vocation right? but what does that mean in our daily life? What should we be doing. I had a very hard marriage and pregnancy…well all three pregnancies, and got extremely hopeless. I was angry at my husband for lack of support and then I had a reality check…I’m leaning on my husband and not enough on Christ bc I felt abandoned by him. That’s when I also picked up Popcaks book called ” life shouldn’t look like this.” It changed my views on the situations in my life. I really recommend calling on the grace that you and your husband recieved when you got married and ask God to give you the strength to pick up these books…first the for better forever one…and read it with your spouse. I picked up the books with the thoughts …” sure popcak just try to make me love my husband,” and ended the book with my husband with a whole new outlook on marriage, my husband, and my faith. If you feel hopeless like me….actually I called an attorney that morning….and want one last effort please read this together.