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It is ironic that I just read your post. This past week has been almost a breaking point for me. I have been a SAHM for almost three years and I am really tired of it. I am not enjoying it like I thought I would. Before having children (which took 10 years) I had a great job that provided for world travel. I miss it so much. I have even been looking at going to nursing school and putting the kids in Catholic School instead of homeschooling.
I quit my job, had natural childbirth, use cloth diapers and attachment parenting and plan to homeschool because I believe in these things and the vocation of motherhood but I have been miserable! I have prayed so much…every novena I can find! Yet, here you are a practicing nurse wanting to come home full time…it makes me feel even more guilty because there are so many mothers that want to be SAHM & can’t. Also, there are so many SAHM that really, truly love being at home caring for the kids, making a home and some even educating at home. I have prayed so hard for God to change my heart and destroy my pride so that I would love it too.
Does this get better?! To the more “experienced” SAHM….did you go through a period where you just hated being a mom (God forgive me for thinking it much less saying it). But this is a struggle that I wonder if others have or are experiencing but are ashamed to admit much less ask for help. Thank you.