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I am a SAHM of 2 with #3 on the way.I had worked before baby#1.then quite my job.I stayed at home for 2 yrs and breastfed for 2 and and half yrs with my first. I loved it..but went crazy!! Then went to work for 2 years after that because i wanted to do something other than just be a mom and a wife. Had my 2nd child and i quit my job again.And right when i was thinking of going back to work,I got pregnant again.And i have to tell you,life was so hard for me while i worked,coz i still had to do all the same household chores that i did when i was a SAHM and work full-time.I have a husband that does not help around all! Anyway, i still went to work , because i enjoyed the independence.I have to admit,i felt very guilty leaving my oldest daughter every day though and couldnt wait to come back home.Anyways, after i got pregnant with my 3rd is when i realized,maybe this is my ‘time’ in life to have children ,grow my family,and tend to their needs.I can always work after i am done doing that.Life (hopefully) will not end tommorrow! I have the rest of my life to work.But right now…this is it.This is exactly where God wants me to be.Right here,with my children.amdist all the chaos ,messy house,and dirty diapers…
So I completely understand what you both are going through.And one is not better than the other.They both have their ups and downs.But don’t forget,that God has a plan for everyone…even YOU! you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now…doing exactly what He wants you to be doing. :)