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And I’ll be thought of as odd, but I’m not big on being pregnant, but LOVE Labor and Delivery!!! I go natural and love every minute of it!!! (though it doesn’t last long) There is a secret to it, and a lot of the reason I love it is I am good at it.

I’ve only had #1 so far, but had him ALL natural. It was great. What was your secret? For me, I just braced myself for the worst…and it just never got as bad as all the women on “Baby Story” made it out to be. It hurt, I cried, mainly during 5 days pre-labor but when it finally came to pushing, I was like…YAY…I love giving birth!

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I am the Convert. I’ve always felt called to become Catholic, so it was a big day, for me, when I was confirmed!

I converted 5 years ago, a couple years before I met my husband. I was …17 when I decided to become Catholic. I was raised protestant, Assembly of God and I just noticed some things didn’t add up, mainly: “Communion just a symbol”…that “symbol” part just didn’t compute…so I started researching Catholicism…and I was hooked.

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Let’s see… Me in a nutshell….: Love kids, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, child-led weaning, baby-wearing (sling), co-sleeping (family bed). Would love to homeschool…

Me too!!! To all of the above. I am such a natural freak, except that I’m Catholic 110%.

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Not big on: Parents, Parenting, Baby Talk, American Baby, or even Mothering. I did prefer Mothering a great deal, but they made one too many political remarks that I could not support, let alone agree with so I cancelled on principle!

I was thinking about getting Mothering a while ago. But before I contribute $30 to a magazine, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t “bad”. So I checked out their forums…um…they have a “queer parenting” forum and it was waaaaaaaaay too much for me. In NO WAY could I support that magazine.

What I don’t understand is how some people say they are sooo natural, BUT they contracept. Hmm…not very natural to me!

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We are big on discipline and have very well-behaved, yet very happy, smiley, and friendly children. I often get comments on their behavior and how happy they seem. Other mothers have even begun to ask me for advice discipline and how I “do it”.

Do you recommend any books on parenting/discipline? What’s your secret? My parents did the “empty threat method”. Not gonna do that. Any advice in a nut shell? I want to do my homework before my kid is old enough to make me go crazy and then I’m no prepared.

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I welcome any questions or comments on any of my posts. I love discussion and debate. I feel this is how we learn! I feel you should learn something every day! That’s one of the meanings and joys of life, is learning! And I tend to babble!!! (both verbally and on posts) 😯

Me too…as you can see…I go on and on and on. Gotta get my 25,000 words a day in!