Re: Dressing Modestly



Hi, Mandy – I’m also a newbie here, so welcome! Luckily, our priest hasn’t had to post any signs, but I do see some questionable attire at mass. I have a feeling that if you’re thinking about modesty you are probably not dressing too risque 😀 I don’t think that wearing pants is taking on men’s attire, particularly if they are tailored with feminine details. For skirts, I don’t wear anything that wouldn’t touch the kneeler because it is too short. I also avoid spaghetti straps unless I put a cardigan over them. I do have a few sleeveless tops, but they have wide straps and don’t reveal too much chest. Lastly, if a shirt tends to show a little cleavage (particularly while kneeling and others are walking by), I wear a camisole under it. The layered look is still popular, so this looks trendy while being modest! Hopefully this isn’t too much information! Others may disagree with me, but I think Catholic women can still be stylish and dress their age without forgoing modesty!