Re: Anger



@mom2blaizenzaine wrote:

After my second child I was put on anti depressants. Well my husband was in the middle of jobs and we lost insurance. My medicine was around 100 a month. I decided that I had felt better as I had started taking less and less of it. I didn’t feel so groggy in the mornings and had more energy through the day. I really don’t want to be on that kind of medicine. I understand some people need it and it did really help me in the beginning. Now that I am off of it I am having a hard time with getting angry very easily. I have tried everything. Praying, giving it to Jesus. I don’t want to be an angry person. It isn’t like I’m angry all the time either. Usually it is something little that doesn’t go my way that makes me really angry. Something that I feel as if I can’t control. It is like I have nothing there to control how angry I get. Even if it is over something silly and petty. When I do get angry I seem to take it out on the first person around. I really want to give this a fair shot before I just give up and go back on medicines that make me not feel like myself. Also I want to have another baby and I don’t want to have to be on anti depressants while I do so. Just wondering what everyone does with their anger.

I know that you posted this a few months ago already, but I wanted to respond anyhow. A few years back I went through a very trying family time, and my family doc (who I trust immensely) put me on antidepressants (which, in hindsight, I think was a HUGE mistake, but nevertheless, I digress). After the trial passed, I asked the same doc to take me off the meds, and he told me how to wean slowly. I did EXACTLY what he said, but it did NOT work. I got the “zaps” (you feel like you have electric shocks running through your body), and I got very, VERY irritable. It was awful! I tried several times to go off the meds, and the same thing happened each time. Finally, this past March, I decided to go cold turkey (which I hear is not recommended, but I did not want to be on the meds anymore, and I wanted to get pregnant, and it’s uncertain what effects this med. has on unborn babies). With the help of Benadryl (which I would take at night to help with the zaps, as recommended by a website I found), I was able to go cold turkey, and I had no real zaps, nor much, if any, irritability. Thank the Lord!! I am so thankful to finally be off this medication, and honestly, I get very angry that the medical world seems to hide this very BIG problem of SERIOUS withdrawal from these types of meds. I hope that you are having a better time of it now.