Quick question on this topic



Ok so far ive read that theres a number of conditions that allow the mom to become sterile morally, But what about if the mother has a condition that requires her to take lexipro a drug that to the best of our knowledge has not been tested and could be harmful to a newly concieved child. She weaned herself off of it very slowly and did good for a while (she has a very mild case of being bipolar) and has started to feel depressed again around 5 months after stopping. We had hoped to just use natural family planning but we know that if we make a mistake or nature just happens the baby could miscarraige or receive some birth defects due to her using lexipro in the beginning. Im not sure how many religious use view these posts but if any happen to would it be acceptable to use the natural family planning method but add an extra birth control device during that time(nothing that could act as an abortificant) to help ensure that she can be off of lexipro when we do concieve. Any input in favor of or against is wanted. Were gonna use alternative treatments if necessary.