Parenting with Grace & Prayer to Our Blessed Mother

Welcome Catholic Moms! Forums Raising Great Kids! Any attachment parents/gentle discipline parents here? Parenting with Grace & Prayer to Our Blessed Mother



You may be interested in the book Parenting with Grace; Catholic Parent’s Guide to Raising almost Perfect Kids by Gregory & Lisa Popcak. They use attachment parenting to an extreme that not everyone would feel comfortable with. Regardless of your attachment parenting views the book is a great guide for Catholic parents.

I do agree that gentleness is the Holy Family’s way. My sister gave me the following simple yet wonderful prayer:

Dear Blessed Mother,
Please help me to make my home like the one in Nazareth.
Give me a gentle spirit,
a cheerful heart
and constant patience
for these souls that have been entrusted to my care.
Through Christ Our Lord,

(I am afraid I do not know who or where to give credit, I will try to find out.)