Oh yeah…this sounds familiar!

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First of all, congratulations on your new little blessing!

Second of all….oh yeah…I can relate to this!

Actually, getting out (even if it’s just to go walk around Walmart with the baby!) helps quite a bit, I’ve found.

I remember being in the hospital with our third (we have 5), and the nurse coming in to give me “the disharge talk.” It included her saying, “If you feel yourself feeling weepy, etc…that’s completely normal. If it persists and gets bad, you need to let your doctor know.” At which point I BURST INTO TEARS for no apparent reason. Man, the hormones are a crazy thing.

I wouldn’t worry about the whole “missing your bonding” thing. Chances are your baby is mostly sleeping and not interacting too much right now anyways. I dunno…always felt the whole “you’ll miss out if you don’t immediately bond” thing was kinda a myth. Sometimes it takes months to truly bond with your baby, IMO! You get to know each other like any other relationship, I think.

Feel free to PM me if you need to talk….but I seriously think you should try just packing the baby up and getting out to do stuff!