Oh! Here it is…couldn’t find how to post my Newbie Bump

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User Name~ MarieAlso

Age~ I’m not ready to talk about that yet, my birthday was just yesterday. (50 something)

Spouses Age~ 51

My Occupation~ SAHM and creating practical room decor.

Spouses Occupation~ That’s a little complicated, his job of 25 years closed shortly after the September 11th attack but these days he does the repairs, and deliveries at his new job.

Age of Children~ One child

My Dream Job~ SAHM!

My Worse Job~ As a teen ager I worked as a telephone operator, but for those eight hours each day I could not talk on the telephone. LOL

My Favorite Time of Year~ Winter and most especially when it snows. Hubby and son love this too.

Favorite Holiday~ Christmas

Birthday~ January 16th

Anniversary~ December 21st

Morning or Night Person~ Some days I am an early bird…some days a night owl.

My Least Favorite Thing about My Job~ Getting burned by the glue gun when working on the room decor. (OUCH!)

Favorite Activity with My Family~ watching movies, and my most favorite are the Christmas movies.

Favorite Activity during “alone time”~ oh yes, I remember that…listening to music.

Greatest Fear~ (uncertain at this time)

Nervous Habit~ tapping feet, nail bitting, or anything new I can think up at that time.

College~ None

Where I’d like to Visit~ Rome and the Holy City