NOT against listening to differing opinions BUT voting YES!!

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I am NOT against listening to differing opinions BUT I am voting YES! In this case this is NOT simply “opinion” that these ladies provide. Contrary to what Behar says “We were all raised Catholic here, so this is not some anti-Catholic rant that we’re on. This is just factual information.” this IS an anti-Catholic rant and it is NOT factual, it is VERY misinformed!
I find it very sad that she even admits that she was raised Catholic, this just makes it worse! People, who were raised Catholic and don’t know what that means, hurt the Church profoundly when they try to preach like this. Catholicism is not one of those “feel-good” religions! There are plenty of other “generic” Christian churches out there that allow you to determine the “rules” that feel best for you and interpret the Bible as it feels right to you, so don’t say you are Catholic if you are not willing to accept the Church teachings!
It is not always an easy road to follow but it IS the right one. We may not understand everything that the Church says and sometimes the leaders of the Church may do wrong but that does NOT make the Church herself wrong. We are Catholic because we are strong and we believe in Catholicism despite it’s ups and downs. We are willing to do the right thing (or at least always attempt to 😕 ) no matter how difficult or hard to understand it may be!
Sorry so long, this REALLY did make my blood boil, like you said it would!!