Newbie introduction



😀 Hello all ~ I joined this this group a few weeks ago and I thought I’d better take a few minutes and introduce myself……
My name is Helen, and I’m a 51-year-old grandmother living in California. I left my job as City Clerk in March of last year to stay home and raise our 3-year-old grandson, Connor. My husband and I raised 5 children. Our youngest child, Katy, is 23 years old. She’s our grandson’s mother. We found out that she has a mental illness when she was in her first year of college. She came home for Easter vacation 6 mo. pregnant and psychotic. She’s been living back at home ever since. We adopted Katy as an infant (our only adopted child) and, come to find out, her birth mother had schizophrenia. I guess our Katy inherited it from her. In any event, the last few years have been quite a roller coaster, but what could have been a horrible experience has turned out to be an incredible blessing! My husband and I have legally adopted our grandson (to protect him ‘cuz you never know what the future will hold for our daughter). Our daughter is still “Mom” and will continue to be. I stayed at home while raising our 5 kids and am now staying at home again to raise our grandson. And we are having the time of our lives! I am also a Notary Public so I am able to make a little extra money notarizing loan documents, etc. from our home. My husband is also 51 years old. He’s an engineer and has worked for a telecommunications company for about 28 years. Our grown children are as follows: Ken (29), Ryan (28), Jessica (27), Richelle (25) and Katy (23). I’m a Catholic convert, having converted at 12 years old while attending Catholic school. I wasn’t always faithful about attending Mass, but I’ve been better for the last several years. I’m hoping you lovely ladies can guide me through some of the complexities of our church practices, and how to incorporate them into my daily routine. I think that about covers the basics. Thanks for having me here!

Helen (Aunthoney)