natural family planning



I practise natural familly planning and really believe it to be of God and respectfull of our faith. I’m not one who can quote the cathoquisim off the top of my head but my husband is (he was in the seminary his put it on hearts and that’s wbefore he desserned that marriage was his vocation). Trust me if it wasen’t right we woulden’t do it. NFP is not selfish, it is truly done in love and respect for one another your family and God. I’m 28, have a 5yr g, a 3yr b, and expecting twin boys. I waited till I was married and have practiced NFP since. I have gotten lectures from my doctors for never being on birth control but I beleive NFP is great. With NFP you know your body better, plus it’s a mutual decision between you, your spouse and God. The Lord is always in between us and our decisions to have children and we surrender it to him. The conseption of our children was done in a way that we knew we would conceive them when we did and both felt that was God’s will. We joke because our kids are spaced out and the Lord knows that was right for us and our children and now he caught us up by having twins.