My son had eczema



Hi Gina,
I was just checking out the website and noticed your post. I understand how you feel. I have no medical background – but possibly my story could help. My son had eczema beginning before age 1 and nothing seemed to really take care of it. He was so sensitive to hydrocortisone and Elidel and they only helped a bit. When he was about 6, he came down with a stomach virus and ate very little for 5 days – his eczema went away. I had previously asked the doctor if the eczema could be from a food allergy and she kind of brushed me off. So, I had a hunch and started with eliminating peanut butter (he used to eat it by the spoonful) and it worked. If he does not eat peanuts, his skin is as clear as a child that has never had eczema. He has no other type of allergic reaction to peanuts. My son is 7 now. Good luck – I know how frustrating this is – I wish you the best.