moms group



I used to belong to a well-run Mom’s group at a Christian Reformed church near my home. They supplied babysitting, had great speakers, and supplied our discussion book (at the time one was the Purpose Driven Life). They alternated book discussion days with fun days, like speakers, videos, and craft days. It met every Tuesday from 9:30 – 11:30 am. There were about 5 Moms in charge of it, and we took turns bringing coffeecakes and the like. At one time there were about 30 women coming each week! It was great fun, but during book discussions, there was a difference in theology. This could have gotten out of hand in a catholics vs. protestants battle if the leaders didn’t diffuse the situation.

The big thing is that the group had the financial support and approval of the “elders”, or their parish council. I belong to the Elizbeth Ministry at my parish, and talked to them about bringing something like this to our church. There is a lot of red tape, like approval of the pastor, parish council, securing a meeting place, space for babysitting, and finding people willing to participate and help you run it. The movement kinda fizzled out after that.

Good Luck to your endeavor. I think we as Catholics need more things like this, as well as vacation bible school. There are slight differences that kids will pick up, and become confused at our Catholic doctrines by going to VBS at another church.