It works if you want more kids!

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Thanks for replying. This is exactly the stuff that no-one talks about. The die-hard NFP people will tell you that as Catholics we are to be open to new life, which the NFP method allows. And that “God will provide” as far as the finances. Then when you do get pregnant, you hear snickers and comments about how many kids you are having and when your dh is getting “snipped”!
I guess it is our cross to bear. Jesus did suffer much more than that. But getting back to the health issue, is it worth risking the life of a mother of three or more kids? Wouldn’t God understand in those situations? I talked to our priest about this in the confessional. I wanted to know if I was going to hell or not for using birth control. He said to pray about it, and that I probably was not going to hell over it.

This is a tough issue, and in the Elizabeth Ministry I belong to, no one ever talks about it. I think there are alot of catholic moms using some form of birth control. I belonged to a Christian reformed moms’ group also, but it never comes up there because b.c. is not immoral in their eyes.

I totally understand the Church’s teachings on this, but I’m still confused on what that means to me. And why is it that I am sooooo fertile, and others cannot conceive at all???