it has been on oprah


It was featured on 2 episodes of Oprah. Basically, it’s like the previous poster said…you attract what you put out. The only thing I have to disagree with is one of their statements that “Heaven is within you and there really in no final judgment that we should be waiting for”…it totally goes against Catholicism and Christianity in general. I think it is another form of the “New Age” movement that is “It’s all within you”. Another thing they say in the secret that I think is anti-catholic is that life was made to be easy, and it shouldn’t be a struggle. I think that the church teaches that there ARE crosses to bear and that the struggles serve a purpose and can even be pleasing to God.

I am sure Oprah has a ton of information on her site. I haven’t been there but I know she has message boards and stuff.

Would like to hear others opinions.