I’m right there with you guys


My Ds is 19 months old and totally strong willed. Nothing like my 4 year old DS. He was (and still is) highly compliant, very safety-oriented, likes things in order, and wants to please his parents. We have spent a lot of time convincing him that he can be independent and urging him to try new things. My 19 month old is all about INDEPENDENCE!!!
I guess it helps that my 4 year old doesn’t usually try things he knows are wrong, and when he sees DS doing something wrong he tries to re-direct him or tells us right away. We have to say “no” or “not for Parker” or “gentle, please” over and over again. Sometimes you just feel like a broken record. Ah, the age of discovery!!! I definitely think if you can nip it in the bud while they are 1, it makes the 2s a lot easier.

Good luck to all. Lots of prayer and patience is my only advice!!!