I’m a stay at home mom, just not working from there yet

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Dear all:

I am a newbie (really…except for after birth of Robert) at staying home. Hubby is now taking the responsibility of working all hours to bring home the income that it provides.

I used to work at youth detention center and this made more money as he was ‘staying home” because in June Robert got real sick and so we had to make that adult decision for one of us to remain home with him..grandma (mom) was having knee fixed so one of us had to stay home and since I made the most with benefits, etc. well,…

Still, the job i had I hated…not because of the youth but because of all the team leaders, supervisors, not on same page, etc..too many policies and procedures to remember and not all helping me to learn what I needed to do…sabotage one oh one was in process and they wanted me out…this was after two years of working there overnights..i went to days so that I could be home with robert longer before i went to work..hubby at time would be getting off at 5pm and so one of us was always with him and then like i said,,robert got sick and hubby stayed home…

anyway..they fired me from work and finally hubby found a job in November and so now I am stay at home mom,…liking it..trying to find programs for Robert..but there is a small part of me that is worried because of hubby’s income not as big as mine used to be…we are receiving wic, title nineteen (that is for adults until next month we have to reapply) food stamps, God is so awesome….heating assitance and have received mortgage help once….hubby is also in job where he works in auction yard so when he takes gas from the cars it goes to fill ours up,,,yep supervisor approves this..his supervisor’s name is Jeremiah and is Catholic…hopefully hubby will be able to move up to towtruck driver, will know monday…

sorry so long..but main question is how does one really make it on one income..yes, i have even started to really tithe..yes,,that requires much faith espeically when hard to come up with money..

any thoughts would be helpful..can post here or send to Maj2930@aol.com..thanks and prayers,

diane, iowa