I feel your pain!



When I had my first child, I was working in downtown Chicago. I had a nice job and thought it was great! Then I had some problems with sitters and when child #2 came, I decided to stay home. At first I was scared, because I didn’t know anyone else who stayed home. I signed up for some mom and tot programs at the park district, and slowly met other moms who stayed home, at least part time. By the time Kindergarten came, I had a large network of people whom I can count on. So my point is, hang in there! (‘:)’) It won’t be lonely forever. And look into all options in child care if you really want to go back to work. I now have 4 kids, and recently went back to work. Three are in school, but my youngest is only 2. I found a local convent who started a day care for children 5 and under. They are so patient, and the facility is super-clean. The kids are really nice there, too.