I am the exception when I should be the norm



To say, “my priest said it was ok” or “this one priest wrote…” and then take it for fact, can be very dangerous. Just like us parishoners, priests lack obedience and sin just like the rest of us. No one wants to think that their priest would say opposite of what the Church teaches but it happens. Only the Pope is infallable. I think its amazing how we as humans tell ourselves what we want to believe sometimes. The truth is hard and its hard to follow and if you look hard enough you’ll always find someone (in this case, a priest) that will agree with you and make you feel all warm and cozy about what it is you’re questioning.
I have a protestant friend who is on the pill, low dose to make matters worse. She and her husband have such a pure and genuine relationship with God and are of course Pro-Life so I thought she might want to know some things about the pill that her Dr. isnt telling her…wrong! They have this attitude (maybe because they both have their Masters and Im “just” a SAHM) like it almost doesnt matter if there is a slight chance that what Im telling them is the truth, they arent ready to have kids yet and thats the end of it. I just dont understand how we can say, “Lord, I surrender my life to your will; my family, my finances, my career, my soul….but wait, not reproduction!” I know this isnt right, but I actually look at my friend differently…Im by no means judging her but I guess I just feel let down becasue I thought that she trully had a heart for Christ, and for her to not even want to listen just hurts me….I cant imagine how much it hurts our Lord.
I honestly dont know any other women who do NFP except for myself. But then again its something most Catholic women do not talk about. My only guess as to why is possibly guilt and maybe they just dont want to “hear it”. I am the exception when I should be the norm and it makes me so sad. Someone has asked me if I would be interested in giving a “class” about NFP and I almost feel like saying no. Im pretty sure I will not be well received. I feel like everyone in the room will be chuckling to themselves saying, “yea sure, and become a baby making factory!”
Please pray for me ladies that I not be discouraged in sharing the truth. Any thoughts of where I should go with my friend who wont even listen? Do I just give up? Im so afraid of the guilt she might feel someday when she finds out the truth….I remember it all too well. Many blessing, Gina