Well, like the poster above said, it is hardest right now because they are ALL so young. Even since my oldest turned 5 it has gotten WAY easier.

I guess it’s not just something that happens where it’s complete bliss and joy all the time (the mindset that you were inquiring about). It takes a lot of work and a lot of looking to the cross and reminding ourselves of Jesus’ sacrifice. It’s not about our needs and wants. These children are gifts from God and it’s our job to not look at ourselves anymore once we have children. Sometimes we have to push our feelings, wants, and needs aside for a brief time in order to be all we need to be for them. It’s not EASY.

Yes, you will make mistakes. Yes, you will have bad days. All you can do is try and pray, pray pray!!! None of us are perfect mothers who always have a blissful, grateful attitude. It’s something that takes work.

Just my thoughts!