Home Schooling


Hi! I homeschool and know many others on here do too. (I think there was a thread once regarding this topic). I do live in Colorado in an area where choice is HUGE! We have many private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling groups. Even many of our private schools here team up to help the homeschoolers with state testing, enrichment classes, and field trips.
First, find out the laws in your state at HSLDA.org

Then investigate and decide which type of homeschool setting is right for you. Most people DON’T just duplicate the typical classroom setting. That doesn’t usually work well for a family school. Do you want your kids to do work via the computer? There are many resources for that. Would you rather be more relaxed with your schedule and very little structure (unschooling)?
The #1 book I can recommend to you is “The Homeschooling Book of Answers” by Linda Dobson. It should answer almost every question you have about how to homeschool effectively and also has a huge list of resources.
I’m going to look up some things for your area and will post more on this topic later.