Holy Spirit, light my fire!

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Hello, April~
You have one child in Heaven; that is a tremendous cross to bear. I am so sorry. Sometimes the accumulated stress of bearing life’s difficulties can overwhelm and depress us. It can be hard to always remember that God is with us through everything, every day. We can begin to feel a terrible void in the very core of our selves, and wonder what life is all about–what is the purpose?

Prayer is the way to the path of healing and re-energized faith. “Meditative” prayer would be very effective here. This kind of praying involves sitting very still, in a comfortable posture, and simply opening one’s mind to whatever God has to say. Let your mind go where it wants to go. Breathe deeply, and evenly. Close your eyes if you like. Just enjoy the stillness. Try this for at least 15 minutes a day….

Also, regular (daily, or at least weekly) reciting of the Rosary can be very helpful. One does not have to always recount the Mysteries; instead each decade (or the entire Rosary prayer) may be dedicated to a specific request or cause you are working on…. It’s amazing how the Rosary prayer can become meditative in nature, allowing the person praying to enter into a deep state of spirituality.

Finally, the Holy Spirit is within you always. Talk to Him. Ask Him to help you. You are never alone.

Bless you. I will pray for your little one in Heaven….and for you.