Hi, I just started homeschooling last fall and

Welcome Catholic Moms! Forums Raising Great Kids! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Homeschool resumes after break!!! Hi, I just started homeschooling last fall and


I spent the Christmas season re-evaluating my homeschooling approach. I realized that I needed to spend more time letting my oldest son learn through play and discovery instead of slaving away at worksheets (he’s only 4). Although he does K5 curriculum, I don’t want to push him into doing busy work all day because that would defeat my purpose in homeschooling him (developing his own ability to think for himself and motivate himself). Anyway, I am not so stressed out anymore trying to keep up with the Joneses, know what I mean?
He’s typically a compliant child and will do most of what I ask without a fight, but I want him to enjoy learning too. We’ve been making once a week trips to the library and doing more crafts.
If anybody knows any good activities where we can include my 18 month old too, let me know. He is EXTREMELY active and high energy so won’t sit still long enough for play-dough, etc.

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