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Hi! I think it’s awesome that you have taken such an interest in your baby’s learning curve. My boys are 4 1/2 and 1 1/2. Each night before we go to bed, I pick my 1 year old up and walk around the house and point to about 30 different objects and name them and tell them nighty-night. It goes something like…”Night-night clock, night-night microwave, night-night wall (have him touch the wall), night-night light (turn light off and on), night-night carpet, night-night tv, night-night stove, etc..” If you let him touch or point to each object you’d be amazed that about after a week they can point out all the objects when you say them. And then they are usually speaking the names of most of them soon after that. Sometimes I’ll do this with colors. About 18 months they can usually understand and remember colors, animal names, and start counting (if they hear it often enough…my 4 year old and I play hide and seek SO much that my youngest son was counting to 10 by the time he was 14 months old, although he doesn’t really quite yet understand the concept of counting he can regurgitate what we are saying!)
That is one thing I LOVE about homeschooling, I get to share all their learning experiences with them and there are NO limits! My 4 year old kept saying “teach me how to read mom” so after 3 months, he’s now reading! It’s so exciting!
Have fun with your baby and remember that every child learns differently and at a different pace. You’ll find that toddlers have a “thirst” for knowledge!
Good luck!