here’s what I do


One thing I do is incorporate prayer into whatever else we are doing. Like if we are driving to the store and we see a fire truck or ambulance with sirens on I say “Let’s say a prayer that whoever they are on their way to help will be okay…Dear God, please help the rescue workers to help those in need and keep them safe. Thank you for keeping us safe today. In your name, amen.” My boys are 2 and 5 so they understand most of what I’m saying.
We do say formal rosaries and prayers at night, but I want them to know they can pray anytime of the day. As your kids get older, you will find times that you can include prayer during the day, like when they fight or make a wrong decision, you can say “You know, next time you feel like hitting your brother, you can talk to Jesus and ask him to help you be more kind.”