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Thanks for your prayers. A few things come to mind. Firstly, she’s 1,000 miles away and due to weather I couldn’t fly her home today even if I wanted to, plus she comes home tomorrow. Secondly, she’s like her father, in that she’s an excellent communicator and handles conflict so well….far better than I do! She can hold her own…she’s got no problem saying “I think it’s inappropriate for you to say that.” Of course, they will probably think she’s being “like her father,” but that’s ok. Also, I do have a very close relationship with my parents that has taken years to get to this point, thanks to counseling, some good confessions, lots of prayer, healing, and the setting of boundaries on my part. I guess this just kind of knocked my wind out a bit, because I thought we’d moved beyond this type of thing. They say it’s because they are concerned for my health, and worried about my well being, and being able to care for my family. I do have an extremely busy life, hectic at times, and my last pregnancy was hard to get through and took a year for me to bounce back…that was at 39. But those of us who have been through this many times know that God gives us what we need to get through it, and that trust is the key. My mother has a lot of faith, but I think deep down she has a lot of difficulty with trust.

It is what it is! That’s my attitude. It will take some time for me to get over the sting of it, but ultimately, I know God calls me to rise above their ignorance and use it as a learning experience. Everything is for His glory, and I can only pray that out of all of this, some good will come for the sake of their souls.