Healing Emotional Wounds…



I don’t know how the two ladies who posted earlier this year are doing now in dealing with the affairs of their husbands… I have recently run across a great Catholic website addressing the healing of emotional wounds, I thought this might be of interest to them or others trying to deal with this sort of betrayal:


We can give our pain to God. That is, when we are hurt, we don’t have to fight back, trying to hurt others as they have hurt us. Trusting in God’s perfect justice to protect us, we can accept all injury quietly, peacefully, and without grumbling or protest. Despite our injuries, we can give under-standing, patience, compassion, forbearance, mercy, and forgiveness to those who hurt us…

To heal our wounds, all we have to do is kneel before the Crucifix and, looking to divine justice, surrender our desire to avenge our hurts. In imitation of him who accepted injury quietly, peacefully, and, without grumbling or murmuring, we can say, “Lord, I am wounded. I hurt. I am helpless. I am broken. I am vulnerable. Nothing I can do by my own hand can protect me. Help me, for without your mercy and protection, I will perish. Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit. Help me to continue my work in your service despite the fact that I feel [betrayed, abandoned, unloved, insulted, falsely accused, etc.].â€