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@celticspirit wrote:

Crys is absolutely right!

And, there are so many Protestants who think that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is wrong. 🙄

I’m new to the faith. I practiced my Christian faith for over 12 years before finally coming home to the Catholic Church. A story in itself. I’m glad I’m home!

I can’t speak for Southern Baptists across the board. I can tell you that I was taught, from the pulpit, even, that Catholics are going to hell because they “don’t confess Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord” ( meaning one time for all time).

Misinformation abounds because what is taught are mistruths from Jack Chick. All the popular myths I’ve read and heard about are very similar to these tracts. He does have a web site, with a link for Roman Catholic tracts. If you decide to investigate, be warned, they are NOT Christ-like. They are full of misinformation, from, of all things ( get this) a former Catholic. In my opinion, from my experience, the former Catholics are some of the most vicious anti-Catholics I’ve met. They go from having the fullness of the truth to telling some of the most blatant outright lies.

If you wish to bone up on your apologetics, I suggest Karl Keating’s Catholicism vs. Fundamentalism. David Currie also has a wonderful book. I want to say that it’s called Born Evangelical, Born Again Catholic. Maybe it’s Born Fundamentalilst, Born Again Catholic. The Keating book is very academic and at times rather arrogant, but good in its own right for its information. The Currie book is more relational in style and much less arrogant.

My husband subscribes by email to a free newsletter called “Apologetics for the Masses”. It gives great tips on how to deal with people like those you mentioned. It’s a free resource that you might wish to consider from the Internet.

As I remember my former ways as a Baptist, it’s hard for me to stomach that I was the arrogant know-it-all I was. It’s still something else for me to see all the lies I believed, and how little actual truth about the Church I learned. I learned lots of Bible verses, but little real truth about my neighbor, the Catholic. In the end, learning about Catholicism led me to it. Cardinal Newman once said something like, “If you steep yourself in Church history, you will cease to be a Protestant.” This is absolutely true.

God bless you and do not be discouraged. Stay informed, stay strong and stay prayer-conditioned! You have what the Prots don’t: the celestial prayer chain, which is the prayers of the righteous saints in heaven who are already perfected. Stand united with them in prayer!

Pax tecum!