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A couple of people have written to me concerned that the news that there is a toxic chemical in shampoos might be a hoax. It is most certainly not a hoax. In fact, the range of products that contain Methylisothiazolinone (and the other names it goes by, see the web site) is far greater than you might imagine, as are the companies that are using it. Here is a link to the section of the National Institutes of Health/National Library of Medicine web site that discusses this chemical, and the products that contained it as of the posting of their report:

As the range of products includes body washes, shampoos, conditioners, products for infants and small children, and even paint, it is a good idea to check the label of your purchases before buying them to be sure it isn’t included in their list of ingredients.

I am contacting the major retailers in my area and asking them, for the safety of their customers, to pull all of the products from their shelves that contain this chemical and demand the manufacturers remove it from their products. If you have a few minutes, please do the same. Here are some basic web sites to get you started:






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