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One of the people who received my last email concerning the toxins in popular personal care products, emailed me with a wonderful resource:

This site presents a solid overview of the campaign to make personal care products safe for everyone. Through that site, manufacturers can sign The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health & Beauty Products. Over 400 companies have signed up so far.

One of the articles on the site really got my attention. It is concerning a group of chemicals called phthalates. These chemicals have been linked to, among other things, feminization in boys, and low sperm counts in otherwise healthy men. It is apparently so prevalent in the products we use and come into contact with that the report states that all of us carry that toxin in our bodies. Needless to say, if affects the unborn. (As a aside, although I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, this led me to wonder if the problem of homosexuality isn’t in fact at least in part due to babies being poisoned from the time they are in utero with this group of toxins.) The FDA does not regulate these chemicals and they are used in a wide variety of products, including items used routinely in hospitals. Incredibly, some products include phthalates, but don’t disclose it on their labels. It is quite a long report but worth reading, and becoming informed. That report (a PDF) and others, can be found here:

One of the partner sites to is the Skin Deep site: At this site you can research the products you are currently using, and find out if it contains toxins or not. If you are using something not listed there, they will research it for you. At both sites, you can sign up to receive updates from them.

Please continue to reach out to your local retail stores and request they become informed and take action with the manufacturers on behalf of consumers. In addition, you might want to contact the manufacturers of your personal care products and ask them to step up to the plate, and sign the compact at the safe cosmetics site, and make their products safe for us all.