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Just because you dress nicely and another man notices is not your fault. We are not Arab and women are NOT responsible for a man’s thoughts, the man is, he can turn away and think of his wife. It is quite another thing to dress immodestly (temptingly), with everything that belongs in the bedroom hanging out, than it is to dress looking your best, i.e. not baggy, oversized or sloppy! I firmly believe in dressing to feel confident and good about yourself. We do not need to hide the bodies that God gave us, we DO however need to be modest and respectful of those bodies!!
I am a huge advocate of the late Pope’s Theology of the Body. Christopher West gives his “crash course” on the Pope’s writings in Naked Without Shame, a lecture series. I posted the information in the Book Discussion topic. He talks about society acting like animals (immodest, sex-driven) but then also going to the other extreme (just as wrong!) and trying to act like angels — dressing to hide our body, basically being ashamed of our body and attempting to deny our sexuality. Our body is a part of us and God made us, we have a responsibility to take care of our body and love ourselves as God loves us!