Don’t worry


My oldest son didn’t really speak in sentences until about 2 and a half and he too was and still is a neat freak! When he was about 18 months and still quite quiet, I taught him to sign about 30 words and that helped tremendously for him to feel comfortable communicating with us. He is 4 now and has since dropped the signs, but is very verbal and a great talker. We are homeschooling him because I have found that he was bored at preschool, he is so introspective and a deep thinker/analytical, which makes him become easily bored by coloring “yet another worksheet about the letter C”…!

Good for you that you are concerned…that means you love your daughter. I’m sure whomever she is and becomes, you will be right there supporting her!
God Bless you and your family.
Mommy to 2 boys