Doing Christian Bible Studies



I see what you mean.
I have learned a lot from these studies and it has in fact made my faith stronger. Hubby disagreed just that one time and the reason I come to ask for your opinion is because he reminds me sometimes, “but you’re not going to their service again, are you?”
So, I wouldn’t go back to their service if he doesn’t agree and also because we I would feel like there’s something missing, our eucharist which they don’t have. If i decided to go that one time was because I wanted to see the musical, but that was it.
I love the studies as well as the fellowship and the convenience of having them near me, well ued to be near me but since one of the ldies will move out of the state soon and I’m slower and slower with the pregnancy, she suggested coming to my house with another one of he ladies and so we have it here at my house every other week.
I like having my little one around so I can watch her and so having the study here at home works just great because they come to me.
Next year I might go back to their church as they offer childcare.
I enjoy it so much just dopping her off the childcare so I can attend the study with no worries as I know kids are in good hands while I learn the word.
Thanks so much for the reply!