Differences with our bros and sis’s in Christ

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Hi, I am a former Protestant and became Catholic Easter ’05. My husband is still Protestant so I call myself “dual-enrolled”. I go to Mass on my own on Wed. or Sat., sometimes with hubby, but usually with just my 2 year old. On Sundays we go to “his” church as a family. He respects my new faith and although I hope he converts too one day, I respect his decision to remain Protestant. I still want our family to attend church together as a family so thats why I also attend the Prot. church too. This system works for us now but only because I make compromises…he is still the spiritual leader of our household.
There is alot of things I miss about Prot. church, the awesome music being one, but my relationship has with God since becoming Catholic has become so much stronger. BUT, I get so aggervated when I feel like I miss out on every single Mass becasue Im jsut trying to keep my toddler quiet. Also, there is such a lack of personalized small groups in my church that I have almost been forced to join a Bible study in my husband’s church, and just like yours they offer CHILDCARE!!!!! Finally, I felt like I could focus on the word and learn more about His ways. I love the women in the group, all have a stong devotion to Christ, but I quickly realized throughout discussions over passages that there is a very distinct difference in our beliefs. I know you’re probably thinking, DUH!!! But I just thought that there would be no harm in simply learning more of God’s word with fellow believers….wrong! We can’t jsut have a normal Bible study and compare and contrast ideas in hopes of unlocking some truths because we read different Bibles! I know now that I have unlocked one of the biggest truths out there…the Catholic church, so how can we even be on the same level when trying to unlock the others. Im not trying to sound exclusive or even pompous, but we are different!We shouldnt exclude ourselves from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ but just like the marriage relationship, I feel like we should try and be equally yoked with the influential people in our lives. For this reason I also will not listen to Protestant radio programs. Some messages are generic enough to be for any and all Christians but if they are from a Protestant theological standpoint and therefore false teachings for Catholics. I do still listen to the music though! Its so easy to let our faith get watered down and Saten will be looking for any opportunity to do so…he hates that we know the truth!
One of my friends is starting a mom’s group with our Catholic church because we are feeling the same way you are…like we need some support from the church in allowing us to further our relationship with God and understanding that with small ones that can be pretty hard!! I dont know if you’re familiar with MOPS but our hope is that it could be a Catholic version. Learning more about our faith and having fellowship with like-minded moms. Maybe you should consider doing the same?? The need is out there, Im sure. Hope I havent sounded too preachy, thats just my take on things. Many blessings. Gina 😉