baptist invasion



Dear Baptistbelt,
I can fully understand your plight. I live in Northern Alabama in a baptist belt area as well, but we have 4 Catholic churches in the area although they are spread in various locations, you can get to one in 45 minutes.

First of all, the United States is a Free Country, a Country where you can practice your faith. No one, NO ONE can “force” their religion on you!
If they are at your door, you don’t need to reply to their religious questions, just say “no thank you” Have a good day. And close the door!
You were polite to them and that’s all you need to do.

Second, your Pastor should know of your condition. No doubt there should be someone in the parish that could come and transport you back and forth to Church. After all, this is called “Act of Mercy”. Please notify the Pastor’s office, letting them know of your condition. There also maybe Eucharistic Ministers in your Parish that go to ill parishioners homes, or parishioners who are homebound. Get your name on the list. Also for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, your Pastor or Associate Pastor can make an appointment with you for them to come to your home and receive the
Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

Don’t be shy about this! This is part of a priest’s duty is to look after his
flock. Look at Jesus, he left the flock and looked for one sheep that was far from the flock.

Your pastor also could help you out regarding religious education for your daughter. Religious Education is taught at the parish hall. Call the office and see when religion school commences, it usally happens when public schools begin in the fall. Enroll your daughter, there maybe someone at the parish with children her age that can give her a ride to and fro from religion school.
Don’t hesitate in calling YOUR CATHOLIC CHURCH. They are there to help you out.
Pray your Rosary, Our Blessed Mother will guide you to gain courage
and peace in your heart. If it has been awhile since you prayed your Rosary, take it in small steps in the beginning, then build up to saying the whole Rosary. Free religious booklets should be available to you through your parish.
My prayers are for you and your daughter. Be strong, place your cares in the hands of Our Blessed Mother.
Write to me, let me know how you are doing. But most of all contact your Parish/Pastor. You’ll be glad you did.