Attending First Mass…



It’s wonderful that you are so excited about becoming Catholic! You will feel unbelievably fulfilled as a Catholic Christian….
Here are a few pointers for you as you begin the RCIA process:
1. During Communion, you may join the Faithful in line. But, instead of receiving the Host (only Catholics may receive the Body and Blood of Christ in a Catholic Liturgy), cross your arms over your chest. The priest or Eucharistic Minister will give you a special blessing–often in the form of a cross traced upon your forehead. Say, “Amen,” in response.
2. As you enter the church, dip your fingertips into the little cup of Holy Water that is placed at the entrance, and bless yourself with the Sign of the Cross. Then, before you slide into the pew, genuflect (touch one knee to the floor)–or bow if you find it hard to get one knee to the floor–toward the altar. This is a sign of reverent respect for Christ’s Presence and the altar.
3. Purchase a Sunday Missal or other reference that has the “Order of the Mass” in it. This will help you understand what is going on during the Mass. You may wish to begin memorizing the Nicene Creed, which is recited during every Mass. A missal will also contain all the Mass readings for the year.

I hope you enjoy your Faith Journey through the RCIA program.