another idea


Another idea is to try to find a job where you work from home. Do you have any degrees? There are many jobs where you can work from home most of the time, especially if you have a degree. Otherwise, you can try or something along those lines.
I don’t know how much it has to do with faith as it does necessity. Be faithful by praying to God that you make the right decisions, not focusing on asking Him to help you with finances.
I say get some space between you and your friend while you’re going through this tough time. You need room to breathe and think. I’m sure she means well but just take a break from her for a couple of weeks while you’re working it all out. She’ll come around. And if she doesn’t then she’s not mature enough to handle it and that’s her issue.
Good luck, I know it’s not only a financial burden but a moral struggle as well.