A Spiritual Battle



Hi all,
I was recently in a situation like the one mentioned in this discussion. I was actually part of a moms group gathering where Catholicsm became the topic and the head of the club started in on bashing the church. I first got very defensive and searched my heart and mind for come backs, but then as I watched this poor woman with no faith, comment on things she knew nothing about, I began to pray for her. I saw her as a lost soul and I decided at that point that I would show her what love looks like and be kind to her so that one day she might choose to believe in our Lord and know his divine mercy. I also decided that I need to become more educated about the issues brought up including why priests don’t marry, the homosexual agenda, womens issues in the church, among others. I felt much gratitude that evening once I came home because I know Jesus and how I prayed this woman would also know him one day.
I do believe though that in the midst of this spiritual battle we need to defend our fellow believers, our church and we need to speak with conviction. The devils favorite color is grey-when we do not stand strong for the truth, we are just as vulnerable as those who don’t believe. There is a right and wrong and the rules of the church are there to protect us and encourage us to live holy lives. If you ever get the chance to view a series of talks by Father Donny Calloway-his wisdom and grace will arm you with the Christian shield you might need in case of another attack (which is what I think this whole issue is). Continue to defend through love in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit!!!
Peace be with you all,