a clarification


Sorry I wasn’t more help with the curriculum question. My kids are younger so we’re not too concerned with that yet. I just wanted to share our version of homeschooling with everyone. Sounds like you have done tons of research and know what you want for your kids and family. That is totally AWESOME! You already know so much and are SO involved with your kids, that is GREAT! I’m sure they won’t have much trouble transitioning from regular school to hs since you work with them at home so much already.
Just to clarify, Linda Dobson is not part of Focus on the Family (as far as I know), but they are a great resource as well! We plan on visiting their facilities this summer since we live in Colorado. It will be a nice day trip, I think.
Hope you find the curriculum you are looking for. Can you tell me what other message boards/homeschooling boards you are a part of? I am always looking to learn more from other homeschooling families. The internet is a tremendous help.
Good luck!!! God bless!!!