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You Are Normal! Most of your ‘not so unusual’ feelings are quite possibly due to lack of sleep, and any (or all) of the 1,001 new changes that have just occurred in the past year! It is hard to look ahead right now, but too soon your dear little one will be doing things on her own and growing up to be a wonderful person! It’s hard to treasure this time when your exhausted and swamped in baby stuff, but it will come to an end at some point, and you’ll actually miss it! 😕

I know this all too well ~ my oldest will be 16 in just a few months, and I’m not even forty yet! I miss those days with him, but thankfully I have my 3yr old to enjoy, and yet again, she’s now already a toddler!

Upon further reflection: Babyhood may possibly be a starter for the teenage emotion years ahead (in which will be outgrown too)! Though it may seem naught!

But first and foremost, keep your husband close, and God closer. Look to Mary for strength and courage. She is the Mother of Example!

Maybe approach your husband with the knowledge that he may not fully understand, but you need to vent. Just having someone listen, esp. him, will help! You may be surprised, and you’ll find out he’s stressing too, and is more than relieved to talk about it all.

I must go. I’ll keep your new family in my prayers. I wish you the best!