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i’ve been thinking and praying, meditating on the subject of gods will, and i’ve come to the conclusion that despite my interference, throughout my life god has always been by my side, i think that if i truly repent he will forgive me, and that even a tubal won’t prevent god from doing his work through me, he performes miracles all the time… think back to sarah and abraham, if god truly desires me to have more children if that is his will i believe he will heal me, there is nothing we can do to change gods will, no amount of our own will or actions will change what god has planned for us, even if we don’t know or understand his plan.. and if that is not his will for me to have more children then i should just trust him and put my heart in his hands if he can heal terrible desieses, make he blind see, then surely if this was not part of hhis plan he will heal me too…

and if thats not his plan for me then i have to trust and do my best to guide the children i have so they don’t repeate my mistakes, i have to learn from this and reflect my knowledge not dwel on my pain