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Wow, Vinnyslady, you have been really busy in 2007. What a struggle that must have been. I homeschooled myself for 5 years but it got to be too tough for me. The kids turned into teenagers and didn’t want to listen and do what they were told as well etc… It just got to be too much for me.

I still think that if you provide and exemption form, they have to accept your decision! Maybe it is different with a private school. We had no problems with our public school accepting it. The nice thing about our school is that the kids still get Christian Formation. Grades 1-5 go to their Christian Formation class first thing in the morning Mon-Thurs. On Friday they have a children’s Mass in the morning. Grades 6-8 get Christian Formation classes on Wednesday evening, while the highschoolers meet on periodic Sundays. So it works out well.

I hope that you have a good school year and good health for everyone in your family!

God bless and help you always!