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This is because your children not being vaccinated puts other children at risk (especially babies). If you go read the facts (like at you will see that the benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks.

I have put HUNDREDS of hours of reading into this. I vaccinated all of my children on schedule until I had my third child who pooped blood EVERY SINGLE TIME he was vaccinated.(and that is when I started questioning) He saw several doctors and pediatric gastroenterologists all of whom said, “We don’t know whats wrong with him, but it couldn’t possibly be caused by vaccines!” His pedi flat-out refused to report it to VAERS, supporting the FDAs position that less than 10% of vaccine reactions are reported. I have since spoken with several other doctors who have told me that this COULD have been caused by vaccines and should have been reported.
This topic is NOT open for debate.(not with me.) and that is not the purpose of this thread. Given my children’s medical history and a strong family history of autoimmune disorders(not to mention the unethical origins of MMR and varicella vaccines.)WE have CHOSEN(after much prayer, education and the guidance of our conscience) not to vaccinate our children as a matter of conscience. Our DOCTOR is supportive of this decision.
Do not be condescending or judgemental about this choice. I’ve probably read more medical journals and articles on the subject than you even knew existed. I have very little tolerance for someone who assumes this is a decision that my husband and I made lightly. I don’t believe ALL of the negative things I read about vaccines. This one size fits all application of vaccination has got to stop. My children are not clones of everyone else’s and vice versa and I, for one, do not intend to wait until my child suffers intusseption or Crohn’s disease to defend him.
I asked for prayers, not criticism. I asked for support of my legal and moral right to conscientious objection. I refuse to have even remote material cooperation with the culture of death, given our family medical history and the fact that these vaccines could have been developed FROM ANY OTHER METHOD. We are not going the right way here people. The development of a combined vaccine from aborted fetal stem cells for DTaP and Polio is in the works. This was done deliberately to advance the culture of death and promote the “acceptability” of embryonic stem cell research.
For MY children, the risk of vaccination combined with the remote material cooperation and the fact that even if I did believe in the THEORY of “herd immunity” and (I’m not sure I do), not vaccinating my children isn’t going to drop the levels of unimmunized children anywhere near low enough(from a scientific standpoint) to effect the immunity of anyone else!
I’ve already asked for medical exemption for my 3rd child. I’m told its not a severe enough reaction to warrant a medical exemption and the state requires you must have actually been DAMAGED by the vaccine or be immunosuppressed to get one.(talk about the cart before the horse!)
I should also add that my husband, aunt and uncle(also had epilepsy) all have diabetes mellitus.(my uncle died at 48 from ketoacidosis) I have asthma and my uncle has SEVERE asthama. To my knowledge the only study ever done regarding Hib supports that there is a relationship between the 2.(diabetes and vaccination) Pertussis toxin is a known cause of diabetes mellitus and glucose intolerance has been observed in children, immediatly after receiving vaccine for pertussis since the 1960’s. I do not believe vaccinations CAUSE diabetes, but I do beleive that they can trigger them in people who are predisposed. The CDC says there is NO relationship but they cannot offer any evidence to the contrary.
Until they do, I’m opting out. I saw my uncle die from this disease and have had to recessitate my own husband.
I cannot believe I just defended this decision to you as I’m tired of defending it and no one(save my in-laws who are extremely supportive) listens anyway!
I should also add, we didn’t make this choice immediately for ALL of our children. We stopped vaccinating our 3rd child and vaccinated our fourth. After her MMR she had every symptom of measles. I have asked several physicians what the difference between getting measles is and getting ALL of the symptoms of measles to which all have responded, “I don’t know!”
Vaccinations are based on “belief” not scientific fact. If ever there were another drug in America that had damaged this many people it would have been outlawed.(over 11,000 injury claims and nearly 1000 deaths since 1988, and these are only the ones reported to the Vaccine Injury compensation program. You are not eligible to file(if you are otherwise healthy) if the injury occurs after 30 days. Many injuries are not reportable if they’ve occured more than 4 hours after vaccination!!