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I couldn’t disagree with you more MerryChristmas!

Quoted from the above site:

///First of all, how could your non-vaccinated child be a danger to the vaccinated child? If the vaccines are effective, then the baby should be protected. Actually, it’s the vaccinated children who spread disease. Many of the disease outbreaks that we are warned about today, are caused by, and occur in, recently vaccinated children.

A non-vaccinated child cannot put vaccinated children at risk if the vaccines are effective. In fact, it is the vaccinated children who expose other children to increased risk. This has been confirmed again and again in outbreaks where a majority of the affected children were recently vaccinated

Recently vaccinated children do carry the disease germ and are able to spread it to other children. Many so-called epidemics are initiated and spread in this manner, even though the unvaccinated are blamed. On the other hand, a passive immunity to the disease may also be gained in this manner. In fact, some “authorities” argue that parents who do not vaccinate their children reap the benefits without taking the risks — a curious argument since they also argue that such parents are irresponsible by unnecessarily exposing their children to greater risk by choosing not to vaccinate. ///