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My husband’s family is very “emotional” when it comes to their faith. I can’t stand it when I hear things like, “I just didnt get anything out of it” or when his mom says things like, “I just really need to have contemporary music that moves me, then I really feel like I am in His prescence.” My husband is “church shopping” for a new Protestant church right now….fun, fun. With so many Protestants (and I was the same way) the question is never asked, “how does God want me to worship and praise him?” It’s always about “getting something” from the church….which is important but Sunday is not all about us, it’s about HIM!! I explain it like this:
Probably every king that has ever lived has had a protocol. When subjects came before the king there were expectations; a bow, a courtsey, not turning your back until the king/queen has left the room. Queen Elizebeth still expects this of her subjects, why wouldn’t the KIng of Kings?? Yes, He is our heavenly Father and we can always go to him just like a child does when loving her father BUT when we are worshiping, there should be protocol.
I never had to “church shop” when we moved here. There were 3 Catholic Churches and I of course picked the most contemporary (has a teen Mass, thinking ahead w/ kids) and it has a great school; decision made. I don’t think God ever intended for all this chaos and hopping around from church to church, faith to faith. It makes my head spin when I think of all the Protestant churches we’ve visited and I would say 80% of them have had some condemning thing to say in their sermon about Catholics. It shocks me everytime. Why are we a part of their sermons? My priest was making a quick comparison last week about Catholics and Protestants and he did it with so much love and respect, even calling them cousins of our faith.
It helps for me to get some of this out, I need to find a more constructive way though…pray, pray, pray. Sometimes I let it start eating at me when it is so much a part of my everyday life. I tell others it’s not too hard being of different faiths (he really does love and respects me for converting) but if I’m not careful, I could give Saten too much room in our marriage by being angry and resentful…which I feel he is sometimes doing. May peace be with you, Gina